The case for Obama

By Simon Cabobianco

“Obama should, however, be given his due. He inherited two disastrous wars and a teetering economy from his predecessor, and although his stimulus package should have been more robust, it was hardly insignificant, creating millions of jobs, and staving-off outright recession. He has, furthermore, given America it’s first semblance of a national health-care system — a historic move, bringing it one step closer to the rest of the industrial world in that respect.”

The case for Romney

By Carter West

“He wants you to have more cash in your wallets and if it takes a couple trees to print the paper, Mitt Romney will take the heat. On the home front he believes you should get up off the couch and find a job to pay the bills, with a job created by your neighbor and not a distant suit and tie. When he ran a company that was in the business of making money, he sent jobs to places that would accomplish the goal.”