The original version of this article contained numerous inaccuracies in describing the process by which submitted motions did (or did not) end up on the final agenda for the University of Toronto Students’ Union February 5 Special General Meeting (SGM).

The original article did not make an important distinction between directive-based motions and by-law amendments. Directive-based motions did not need to undergo an approval process by the Policy & Procedures Committee and the Board of Directors. All directive-based motions, including those concerning electoral reform submitted by University College Literary and Athletic Society (UCLit) president Benjamin Dionne, were automatically included on the February 5 SGM agenda.

Only by-law amendments were considered by the Policy & Procedures Committee and the Board of Directors for approval. The original article was mistaken in claiming that the Policy & Procedures Committee could directly approve amendments for inclusion on the SGM agenda. The committee has no such power.

The original article implied that by-law amendments that were rejected by the Policy & Procedures Committee were not considered by the Board of Directors and were thus “killed in committee.” In fact, the Board had the option of discussing by-law amendments rejected by the Committee, and chose not to do so.

The original article claimed that UTSU president Shaun Shepherd declined several opportunities to comment. In fact, Shepherd was unavailable for comment before the deadline.

The Varsity deeply regrets these errors and apologizes to our readers for any misinformation or inconvenience.

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