The Goldring Centre during construction. FILE PHOTO: BERNARDA GOSPIC/THE VARSITY

The long-awaited Goldring Student Centre, which cost a total of $23 million, will soon be fully accessible and operational, for both Victoria College and U of T students.

“The Goldring Student Centre is the first building of its sort at Vic — one built solely for the purpose of enhancing the student experience outside of the classroom. It bridges the gap between administration and students, and puts involvement opportunities and student resources under one roof,” says Jelena Savic, president of the Victoria University Student Administrative Council (VUSAC).

The Centre is located on Charles Street on the north edge of the Victoria College campus.

In January, The Varsity reported that the opening of the Goldring Student Centre would be delayed to due to unforeseen circumstances. The Centre’s delay was the source of significant controversy last year, with Victoria College issuing refunds to students when the original goal of having the centre open last year was not met. The delay resulted in partial refunds for all students and full refunds for graduating students-who paid the fee for years without any access to the promised services. The delay had other, wide reaching effects including forcing the Faculty of Law, which is undergoing its own renovations, to conduct classes elsewhere, after the Goldring Centre was unavailable for use. Law students will have access to classroom space in Goldring as of this year. The Law Faculty will be based at Victoria College while Flavelle House at 84 Queens Park Crescent undergoes construction.

Although the contracting company Kenaidan Contracting Ltd officially handed over Goldring to Victoria College in March, construction has been going on throughout the summer. The building is now being partially used, and both Savic and Victoria college bursar Ray deSouza said the plan is for all work to be completed by the second week of August.

While the main construction of the building has been completed, the outdoor quad between the Margaret Addison residence, the all-female Annesley residence, and the centre is undergoing landscape work.

The usage of student space for clubs and levies will be mandated by the Victoria College administration in conjunction with VUSAC.

Preference for booking space will be given to Victoria College clubs and groups. Victoria’s levied clubs — Victoria College Drama Society, Vic Pride, Victoria College Athletics Association and the Victoria College Orientation team — will occupy office space alongside VUSAC. All Victoria College clubs and levies  are permitted to use VUSAC meeting and work space.

The Goldring Student Centre will house The Strand, Acta Victoriana, and the Vic yearbook, all of who will have access to the media room, along with other Vic clubs, and the rest of the student body.

“We are confident that the Centre will provide the very best amenities available anywhere on the U of T campuses,” said deSouza.

Correction, September 10, 2013: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified Commuter Dons as a levied club of Victoria College. The Dean of Students employs the Dons.

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