School is back, which means it’s time to switch gears and get into study mode. Between early morning classes, messy commutes, and late-night study sessions, some of us turn to coffee to conquer the day. These seven shops are great for people looking for phenomenal coffee and a cool atmosphere.

Sorry Coffee Co. (102 Bloor Street West)

Sorry Coffee Co. is tucked away in Yorkville. This aesthetically-pleasing shop is great if you’re in dire need of a pick-me-up or a fresh Insta pic. While small, they have seats available and outlets to charge electronics. One thing that makes Sorry Coffee Co. snazzy is its unique cups; the shop likes to change the logo on them every so often.

Another great thing about Sorry Coffee Co. is their location. Located inside of a Kit and Ace clothing store, it’s a great location to take a break and browse around. Whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee or looking to sit down and get some work done, Sorry Coffee Co. is worth the visit.

The Coffee Lab (333 Bloor Street West)

The Coffee Lab is another hidden gem. Located within Willow Books, The Coffee Lab is the smallest coffee shop in Canada at just 52 square feet. This works to its benefit as the unusually small size offers a unique experience.

Joshua Campos, the owner of the store, explains that he imports coffee from different regions and gives customers their choice of beans. Campos has created a science-themed aesthetic, storing beans in test tubes and distributing drinks in beakers. This coffee shop is perfect for those who want to grab a coffee and lounge around. If you bring your T-Card, you even get a student discount.

Voodoo Child (388 College Street)

Voodoo Child is a great go-to for students that have some time to stray from campus. Located at College and Bathurst, it is equipped with power outlets, Wi-Fi, and a wide selection of espresso-based drinks.

It also offers bagels with your typical butter or cream cheese; if you have more of a sweet tooth, it has Nutella or peanut butter. Interestingly, Voodoo Child is a café during the day and a bar in the evening. Every so often they host live music. With amazing coffee and cool cup designs, Voodoo Child has something for everyone.

Almond Butterfly (100 Harbord Street)

Located at Spadina and Harbord, Almond Butterfly is a short walk away from campus, making it the perfect spot to pop into during hour-long breaks between classes. It has recently transitioned to its fall menu; the seasonal drinks are a must-try. The entire menu is gluten-free, including cupcakes and cookies.

Almond Butterfly is also recommended for those who do not have a huge coffee crave. Their tea selection is lengthy and features teas that are both herbal and caffeinated. Small and cozy, the shop is stocked with delicious treats to snack on while studying.

Diabolos’ Coffee Bar (Junior Common Room, University College, 15 King’s College Circle)

Diabolos’ Coffee Bar is centrally located on UTSG for those looking to grab a drink on their way to class. This coffee shop can be difficult to find but is definitely worth the hunt. Located on the east side of the Junior Common Room of UC, Diabolos serves hand-crafted beverages making it great for anyone hanging out around King’s College Circle.

Diabolos recently reopened after renovations, making the visit even more worthwhile.

Café Reznikoff (75 St. George Street)

Café Reznikoff is a great place to spend time during gaps between classes. Located on UTSG inside UC’s Morrison Hall, Café Reznikoff is a U of T classic. Its convenient location allows students to quickly grab a coffee, but if you are looking to sit down and get some work done, the small seating area tends to fill up quickly.

Café Reznikoff is also perfect for those looking to snack while working. It’s loaded with a large food menu that ranges from chips and chocolate to hot meals.

Ned’s Café (150 Charles Street West)

Ned’s Café is an all-time favourite. It is relatively new and replaced the Wymilwood Café. It sells Balzac’s coffee for less than $2.00, which is nothing short of remarkable. Pairing a cup with one of their delicious pastries is always a good idea. If the muffins don’t satisfy your hunger, the other food options will. Ned’s Café has a list of hot food items and healthy pre-packaged food such as salads and sandwiches.

The space is spectacular for students. Ned’s has a large, bright space with a lot of seating available that comes prepared with outlets.

One reason why this place is such a hit is that it is located right in Victoria College’s Cat Eye, a student-run lounge and pub, making it great for hanging out, studying, or both.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Diabolos was closed. It has opened since renovations.