Andre Fast is a fourth-year student at Innis College double majoring in Ethics, Society, and Law and Environmental Studies. He has joined and started several campaigns on campus including Students Against Unpaid Internship Scams, the Free Tuition Coalition, and the U of T chapter of Fight for Fifteen and Fairness.

Fast believes the UTSU should take an active role on affordability, equity, and justice, and representing marginalized members of the community. He also wants to build a community by supporting clubs and commuter students, and making U of T more inclusive for everyone. He applauded last summer’s work with Unite Here, saying the UTSU should have more solidarity with other unions on campus.

He also wants to take a frugal approach towards the lawsuit against former executive director Sandra Hudson and prioritize supporting clubs instead.

Regarding the CFS, he said he would support whatever the majority of students want. His slate has yet to announce a decision regarding the UTSU contract with CUPE 1281, which will be up for renewal next January.

“I’m disappointed to see that [the UTSU] become depoliticized this year,” said Fast. “I think UTSU does have a really big role to play on issues of social and environmental justice, on affordability issues, and I think… what our team is about is we want to represent students that are most marginalized on campus… we feel that if we’re working for them, if we’re working to reduce the barriers that they face day-to-day, then we’re lifting everyone else up as well.”

With files from Tom Yun