UTSU Vice-President Campus Life Stuart Norton to resign

Resignation marks second executive departure in three months

On December 14, the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) announced that Vice-President Campus Life Stuart Norton will resign. Norton announced his resignation to the Board of Directors in a closed session on December 12, citing personal reasons for his departure. Norton’s resignation is effective December 31.

In a statement posted to Facebook and their blog, the UTSU executives wrote that “Stuart has been the kindest, most principled, and most professional Vice-President Campus Life in recent memory.”

“He is also a close friend to many of us here at the UTSU, and we are more than sad to see him go.” The statement says that no further information about Norton’s departure will be made public.

Norton ran in the March elections on the Demand Better slate alongside Mathias Memmel, UTSU President. Prior to his job at the UTSU, he was Co-President of the Victoria University Students’ Administrative Council. Norton ran his Campus Life platform promising to improve communication with clubs and increase funding.

This is the second resignation the UTSU has faced this year, after Vice-President University Affairs Carina Zhang resigned in September. Zhang was replaced three months later by Adrian Huntelar in the November Board of Directors meeting.

The VP Campus Life is tasked with overseeing events, such as Orientation and Frost Week, and providing support to student clubs. The statement added that more details on filling the post will come at a later date.

The Varsity has reached out to Memmel and Norton.

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