Alyy Patel is a fourth-year Sexual Diversity Studies and Sociology student who has been involved with the UTSU for the past two years. She has served as Associate VP Internal, Associate VP Equity, and this year, co-coordinator of the UTSU’s orientation. At present, she is heading the You Decide campaign, advocating for a referendum on the UTSU’s membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.

If elected, she would advocate for a change in the UTSU’s bylaws regarding internal relations, “in terms of making sure that people are treated respectfully… that there’s things put in place to actually really support them in a way to properly take complaints like a real organization, not just like a little student club.”

Patel remarked that the Student Commons opens up new opportunities for students. “I really hope that they actually have opportunities for student jobs,” she said. “If there are retailers or coffee shops or whatnot, [I hope] that the jobs are made exclusive to U of T students, so that our students can actually get something out of it.”

In addition, Patel would extend the current opt-out deadline for the student Health and Dental Plan, arguing that “there’s quite a few people last year who missed it because it was a very short deadline.”

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