Ammara Wasim is a fifth-year Visual Studies student and the current VP Campus Life of the UTSU. She is running for VP Equity because she sees “gaps in the system on campus.”

“The services that are available for marginalized students, for LGBTQ students, for women, and other visible minorities, oftentimes they lack resources or they lack funding or they just lack a simple understanding of what the average student here who is marginalized goes through,” said Wasim.

If elected, she hopes to audit and improve these services, as well as implement new campaigns to give minorities a platform to express their opinions.

To address such advocacy issues, Wasim also believes that increased equity education and training is required on campus. She would like to work with the new equity collectives to lobby the university on equity issues, promoting discussion rather than directives.

In addition, Wasim believes that the UTSU needs to better represent marginalized communities, and plans on working with groups such as the Black Students’ Association to make the UTSU more progressive.

With files from Ilya Bañares

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