Exams cancelled at UTM, UTSC due to inclement weather

Freezing rain warning in effect for southern Ontario

Inclement weather is causing the cancellation of exams at UTM and UTSC today.

The UTM campus closed at 12:30pm with all exams and other activities for the day cancelled.

At UTSC, exams scheduled for 12:00pm and 2:00pm were cancelled, and the campus closed at 3:00pm. UTSC is expected to reopen at 9:00am on April 15, and will update the community on the status of the campus at 8:30am tomorrow.

“The rescheduled exam date will be sent as soon as possible,” reads a comment from UTSC on Facebook. “We understand your concerns regarding pre-arranged travel, graduation, and scheduling – rest assured that all these will be taken into consideration.”

There is currently a freezing rain warning in effect for all of southern Ontario. The weather in both Scarborough and Mississauga is -1 degree celsius with winds around 30km/h.

Editor’s Note (3:00pm): This story has been updated to reflect the 2:30pm decision by UTSC to close the campus.

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