The University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU) held its Annual Ratification Meeting (ARM) on April 24. The main item on the agenda was the approval of last month’s UTSU election results, which was passed without opposition.

The UTSU had difficulty reaching quorum at first, as the meeting required a 35-person quorum either through in-person voting or the online proxy form made available on the UTSU website. The ARM eventually started around 15 minutes later by relying on proxied votes for a majority of the vote.

Once quorum was reached, the meeting ended within 10 minutes, with the new Board of Directors being approved by an overwhelming majority with none opposed.

Under Bylaw VI, Section 1f.) of the Election of the Board of Directors, “The Elections and Referenda Committee shall hold an Annual Ratification Meeting, which will be open to the UTSU membership, prior to the end of the current term and submit a report on the conduct and results of all elections to  the UTSU membership for ratification.”

According to electoral procedures, the slate of directors cannot be amended, but must be rather ratified in its entirety by the members present.

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