The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) Board of Directors held an emergency online meeting on October 22 to ratify the results of an election for a New College Director, as well as to strike a committee to replace three directors who resigned in October.

Elected New College Director Arjun Singh won an internal election for New College students held from September 29 to October 4.

The board called for the election following the resignation of a former New College Director, which it accepted on September 15.

Singh, uncontested, won 141 votes, or 73.8 per cent of the vote, against 50 spoiled ballots, or 26.2 per cent of the vote. The result of Singh’s election was ratified by the board during the online meeting.

The UTSU board also accepted the resignations of Kirsten Stevens, Justine Huyer, Joanna Zhou, and Sabrina Brathwaite, for the respective positions of University College Director, Transitional Year Programme Director, Engineering & Applied Science Director, and University College Director.

To “pursue the occupation” of the vacant offices, the board struck an Ad Hoc Director Shortlisting Committee during the online meeting, which will operate until November 30. The four directors on the committee are Lucas Granger, Lisa Zaher, Marawan Sadek, and Chris Dryden. The three executives on the committee are Josh Grondin, Yasmine El Sanyoura, and Yolanda Alfaro.

As per the agenda, Bylaw X.5.b requires that these vacancies be filled by the board appointing “a replacement after soliciting applications from the membership for no less than fourteen (14) days.”

The alternative is for the board to pass a two-thirds supermajority vote to “leave the position vacant for the remainder of the year.”