One of the best things about going to the University of Toronto is the food scene. Food is often tightly coupled with our emotions, so when midterms and essays have you feeling blue, refer to this list for a little pick-me-up.

Carole’s Cheesecake Café: Yorkville, 114 Cumberland Avenue

One time after an awful midterm — CHM136 Introductory Organic Chemistry I, I’m looking at you — Carole’s Cheesecake literally saved my life. Carole’s sells small slices of heaven in to-die-for flavours like classic New York, Skor, triple chocolate, and Reese’s Peanut Butter, to name a few. All cheesecake slices range between $5.99 and $13.99, and all are guaranteed to make unbearable classes a little more bearable.

UT Sushi: essentially on campus, 185 College Street

Please, for the love of God — and truly, I’m begging you — do not be lazy and get the Bento Sushi at the Medical Sciences Building. Please. I cannot stress this enough, walk the extra minute for the good stuff at UT Sushi. UT Sushi is reasonably priced and will satisfy you much more than Bento Sushi ever will. My personal favourites are the sushi lunch combo, which comes with both salad and miso soup; or salmon sashimi with rice.

32 Chicken St.: Little Italy, 409 College Street

Are you looking for food near campus that will change your life? We both know that you are, so wander up College Street to find 32 Chicken St. My best friend describes its Crispy St. Chicken Burger as orgasmic. I suppose you could more tastefully call it ‘heaven in a bun!’ It has melt-in-your-mouth, Korean-style fried chicken, the perfect sauce, and the best coleslaw, all in a delicious bun for $8.80. I promise it is worth your money. Of course, the restaurant offers some other variations, like Soy Lover St. Burger, Sweet St. Burger and D-Cheese St. Chicken.

Almond Butterfly: Locations in the Annex and Trinity Bellwoods, 100 Harbord Street and 792 Dundas Street West

I discovered this beauty alongside a friend during exam season. Like I said, sometimes school requires little pick-me-ups, and Almond Butterfly excels in this area. It is a gluten-free café, but as an avid gluten eater, I can assure you it is a fantastic choice no matter your dietary restrictions. My personal favourite is its vanilla latte for $4.50, which is made with vanilla syrup that they make in house, paired with its vegan chocolate chip cookie, at $3.95.

In addition to making fantastic coffee and baked goods, its homemade bagels are to die for. The Harbord Melt, for $9.50, has apples, turkey, aged white cheddar, butter, and homemade honey mustard — oh my heart. Its Harbord location is also close to the Robarts Library, which gives you the perfect excuse to go before you study. Life hack: the Dundas location has a happy hour from 3:00 — 6:00 pm with reduced prices on many sandwiches and cocktails, and two-for-the-price-of-one cupcakes!

Insomnia: The Annex, 563 Bloor Street West

Have you ever had too much to drink? Cue Insomnia, the perfect place to go for brunch after a night out. Insomnia is filled with hearty meal options, including a variety of egg benedicts, sandwiches, and sweet breakfast options as well. Personally, I’d make sure you order something with their home fries because who doesn’t love carbs?

Golden Patty: Kensington Market, 187 Baldwin Street

The Golden Patty is golden for anyone on a student budget. It serves delicious Jamaican patties for $1.50 and for any vegetarians out there they also have the Trinidadian classic, doubles for $1.70 each, making it the perfect place for a cheap and filling lunch.

Egg Bae: Kensington Market, 189 Augusta Avenue

Pick me. Choose me. Love me. This is your bae calling. All of these sandwiches are equally deserving of your love. My two favourites are the Bae-Sic, which is made with a fried egg, pork belly sausage, tomato jam, onions, muenster cheese, and bae sauce; and Seaside Bae, which is made with soft scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, potato chips, shallots, arugula, and mayo. The best part? All the sandwiches are under $11 and are truly filling and delicious. Thank me later!