Why do Canadians love England’s Queen?

The Queen of England is a foreigner, not a Canadian. But when the Queen comes to Canada, people rush to see her as though she has actually brought some good to the world.

When the Queen comes to Canada to represent England’s monarchy, she threatens Canada’s sovereignty. Her visits to Canada can only increase the belief that it is good to bow down to foreign powers. How sovereign can a country be when a foreign Queen’s picture is on the currency?

There is no good reason for people’s respect for the Queen. Yes, she does give some money to charities. But when all her money comes from the Civil List, grants from parliament, and the Privy Purse, it doesn’t say very much in terms of real charity. She merely gives some of the money she gets (from looking pretty) to those who actually need it. If the Queen didn’t give money to the poor it would obviously hurt her public image. There is something wrong about putting other people on higher planes of importance, simply because these other people were born into wealth.

This woman only began paying taxes in 1992. She wears layers of (unnecessary) jewelry, hardly helps the poor, and in general, does absolutely no good for the people of England. She only spends their money, and at the end of the day, people still have nothing better to do with their time than to go see her public appearances.

According to the BBC, the Queen “acts as a focus for the nation to join together, stands over ceremonial occasions, and represents the UK around the world.” This is a completely unnecessary job. Almost every other country does just fine without a monarchy.

It is completely absurd how the Queen is such a spectacle, and that people actually buy into the hype. Her only role in Canadian affairs is to impose upon Canadian sovereignty when she visits. Her acts of “charity” are obviously superficial, as she merely redistributes some of her unearned money to the poor.

You would think at least students attending Canada’s best university would be smart enough to figure this out, but even here, people rush to see her. There is no reason why any human being deserves to be worshipped, let alone the Queen.

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