The new New World OrderWelcome to the new New World Order, where Might once again has Right in shackles, and where attempts at political assassination are the order of the day. In ordering the attack on Iraq without UN authorization, President Bush is effectively dealing a death blow to the New World Order established at the end of the Cold War, a world order that had promised and inspired much, but has now come to naught.Ironically, it was 12 years ago that George Bush Sr. outlined his hope and vision for a New World Order in which justice and fair play would protect the weak against the strong and enduring peace would be the U.S. mission in the world.Having observed Iraq open all doors to UN weapons inspectors, destroy proscribed items, and still get attacked by the United States, countries whose interests are in sharp conflict with those of the U.S. can no longer rely on international law for protection from U.S. attack or invasion. The implication of this fact is as clear as it is grave.Countries like Iran and North Korea will now be in a race against time to acquire the most valuable and effective deterrent to any future American attack: nuclear weapons. The re-energized proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction around the world, and the likely acquisition of such weapons by terrorist groups, will cause those old enough to remember the Cold War to look back on those days with fondness and nostalgia. So folks, fasten your seatbelts because the new New World Order is going to be a hell of a bumpy ride.Armando LuisLoan me your ears…I am a U of T grad (B.A. ‘94), and am writing about an issue that concerns past and current students. I am really peeved with the National Student Loans Service Centre.Back in the good old days, the Royal Bank handled my student loans. Everything was efficient, courteous, and professional.In 2000, our government created the National Student Loans Service Centre and, simply put, it sucks! I’m unemployed and I’ve been trying to get approved for interest relief for three months to no avail. I didn’t think I’d ever say it, but I wish the Canadian banks were handling student loans.I’m sure there are others who complain (as a very nice lady at the Royal Bank told me). I’m not really in a position to make any meaningful protest or complaint to Canada Student Loans, but you, as student journalists, have the power and position to do so!Please consider beginning a protest/campaign to have our student loans processing returned to the Canada’s banks. Yes, I know…banks are blood-sucking capitalists, but based on my experience before and after the National Student Loans Service Centre, life was far easier when the banks handled them (besides, it seems the NSLSC is now contracting out their work to a private agency again! Typical stupidity!).Students can call to file formal complaints about their loans at 1-800-622-6232.Peter KovacsShot through the Hartre: “Aiming at the Hart” (March 24)Accolades to Rebecca Addelman on her recent article reporting about the safe, responsible activities in the basement of Hart House. It is refreshing to see a responsible article on the legal use of firearms in this country, more specifically within this institution.As you might realize, I too am a shooter. I have an extensive background ranging from competitive long range rifle (in which I proudly represented Canada at Bisley England in 1985) and other rifle and handgun competitions to responsible hunting. Since 1994 I have been a Certified Instructor for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (required for license applicants), and more recently Law Enforcement Handgun and Shotgun Instructor.What does that all mean? Well, I attempt to be as good an ambassador for my sport as I can. It has become increasingly harder to find a positive or at least fair report or articles relating to firearms use. It is very difficult to discuss legal use of these in this country when “everybody knows the criminal use in the U.S.A.” We are a different country with different laws.Educating the public is difficult, I applaud you for putting forth an excellent article as a straightforward report. There was no apparent bias or underlying tones, which I say is refreshing. Just as people of an identifiable group don’t wish to be painted or associated with the bad or criminal element, we in the firearms community feel the same.Cst. Timothy Morden#114 University of Toronto Police (Scarborough)

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