Tim Grant

Tim is the kind of candidate you expect and deserve from the Green Party of Ontario.

An active community leader in Trinity-Spadina, Tim’s local leadership roles include serving as the chair and long-time board member of the Harbord Village Residents’ Association. He co-chaired the Downtown West Solar Energy Project, enabling 65 Trinity-Spadina households to add solar panels to their rooftops. He continues to co-chair Tower Power Toronto, which has helped residents in more than 250 condo and co-op buildings to green up.

A former high school teacher, Tim has published Green Teacher magazine for 20 years, co-edited six books, and given hundreds of presentations around the world on how best to educate young people about the environment. He is a founding member of Energy Educators of Ontario, the Ontario Environment Network, and Environmental Education Ontario. He served as the Vice-Chair of EECOM, the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication.

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Rosario Marchese

Rosario Marchese is a tireless defender of students’ rights and the NDP’s Critic for Training, Colleges and Universities. This year, he stood alongside U of T part-time students in the Legislature to denounce the Liberal government for allowing the University of Toronto to increase tuition fees by as much as 60 per cent.

Rosario introduced a bill to protect the financial autonomy of university student unions. He also introduced a bill to allow the Ontario Ombudsman to investigate complaints against universities. Both of these bills received the full support of the Canadian Federation of Students and the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance.

Rosario and the NDP are also proposing to freeze tuition fees and make provincial OSAP loans interest free.

Rosario organized OSAP information sessions for U of T students throughout the riding to highlight ways to apply for more grants and bursaries.

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Mike Yen

After 8 years of the McGuinty Liberals, students now face a bleak future. The provincial debt is $240 billion and growing; you will inherit this debt! Career opportunities have become rare; over 500,000 people are unable to find work. How will you pay your student loan or afford a place of your own?

The Ontario PC Party has a plan, “Changebook”, to get Ontario’s economy back on track. We will stop runaway spending and create a business friendly environment to attract real career jobs. We will create more than 200,000 new apprenticeship spaces. We will put the needs of students and the economy at the centre of Ontario’s post-secondary education system. Strong universities and colleges, focused on developing the innovations of tomorrow, are fundamental to creating a dynamic economy today.

As your MPP, I will fight to ensure that the opportunities you deserve will be there when you graduate.

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Sarah Thomson

I am your Liberal Candidate, Sarah Thomson.

I’m an entrepreneur and built a multi-million dollar retail company, I founded the Women’s Post Magazine and most recently, I ran for mayor of Toronto against Rob Ford.

Liberals are committed to making education accessible to all Ontarians. We’re offering a 30 per cent grant to postsecondary students to ease the burden of tuition fees. Under our plan, a student starting at the University of Toronto next September would save $6,400 over 4 years.
Liberals have invested billions in wind and solar power, and will have completely eliminated all coal power plants by 2014.

With the global economic crisis still looming, it’s important to invest in our infrastructure and keep our economy growing to create jobs for graduating students.

The role of an MPP is to engage residents to create a better community. I will be a progressive voice for Trinity-Spadina and I hope I can earn your vote.

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