Letter to the Editor: Keep your idealism

Re: “A debate on the Autumn Munk Debate: The left gains from listening, not silencing”
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Your comments are well founded and well written.

But I fear that you are unaware that the U of T has always been a right of centre, corporatist-oriented institution.

Peter Munk has been vilified repeatedly by human rights and environmental groups for his mining companies’ treatment of the people in disadvantaged, developing countries. His creation of the Munk Centre was seen as a simplistic attempt to justify his policies and practices and ease his conscience. His death did little to erase or soften the right of centre, corporatist views of the Munk Centre.

The history of U of T, its Board of Governors over the years, its administration today will only allow a superficial tolerance of your views. Ryerson or York would be more accepting, but have less power.

It is a hard fact to acknowledge that corporate greed and authoritarian control is taking precedence over what is right and good in our world.

But keep your idealism and find a way out of the mess we have made of the world in the past 50 years.


Melanie Milanich

1971 Alumni

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