Photos by Dan Seljak

University College Junior Common Room
15 King’s College Circle

UC’s historic lounge boasts a great, student-run coffee shop (Diabolo’s) and gloriously cushiony couches. The JCR also attracts a pretty eclectic crowd, making it a great place to socialize and meet new people while you pretend to do homework.

Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House
7 Hart House Circle

This quiet little gallery’s collection of Canadian art includes everything from paintings by the Group of Seven to post-modern representations of snowflakes. And for the true art enthusiast, JMB hosts curatorial tours, panel discussions, and lectures on various art-related topics.



Indoor Bamboo Gardens, Donnelly Centre
160 College St.The Donnelly Centre might boast a cool exterior, but the building’s indoor garden is where it’s at. After a long day of gene splicing, grab a coffee and relax in the Donnelly Centre’s bamboo- lined atrium. Pandas are welcome.



Innis Town Hall Cinema, Innis College
2 Sussex Ave.

The Innis College cinema screens big-budget Hollywood movies, artsy foreign films, and everything in between. More importantly, entrance to the theatre is often free. In particular, be sure to check out Free Friday Films, the weekly, free movie screenings hosted by the Cinema Studies Student Union.

Meditation Room, Multi-Faith Centre
569 Spadina Ave.

School stressing you out? Take a breather in front of the Meditation Room’s wall of greenery and let the sound of the trickling waterfall guide you to your inner chi. Cushions, mats and prayer rugs are provided by the Multi- Faith Centre.


Lester B. Pearson Garden for Peace and Understanding
71 Queen’s Park Cresc. East

The name may sound a bit cringe-worthy, but this quiet garden behind Pratt Library is the perfect place to study while the weather is still warm. Pearson Garden boasts cobblestone paths, pretty flowers and a waterfall. Enough said.

Knox College Quad, Knox College
59 St. George St.

The Knox Quad is divided by a Gothic archway that looks out onto the surrounding gardens. The quad is a surprisingly peaceful spot, considering that it’s so close to St. George. Just make sure to be on your best behaviour when you visit. Knox is a theological school, after all.